Thursday, January 15, 2015

Shame on our Media & Censor Board

Whenever I put on television I am worried about my kid if he will see, what he should not, at this age, 4. I feel shameful about the increased vulgarity in media specifically in ads and movie songs.

If we observe the content that is shown on National TV channels, we can see that  Deodorant Sprays and many other hygiene products are actually used to maintain personal hygiene, but in our country they are solely used to attract women and men, as it is shown in commercials. Many of the Bollywood songs are full of scenes that show men and women getting intimate,  Bollywod actresses are considered sex-symbols, only for their glamour not for their acting skills. Contraceptive commercials are aired at any time that too with vulgar scenes and one of it has an american ex-pornstar inviting men. Bollywood is really short of actresses!! On one side we are worried about the security of women in India, but a woman(ex-pornstar) shown inviting men, is not considered a rapist, but a star. Rape is a crime, Rapists are criminals and should be severely and immediately punished, but what about these cheap tactics that the media is using to flourish and at the same time provoking our youngsters to act accordingly? Is Our Censor Board sleeping? I would also like to add that many of us are highly influenced by western thoughts and culture, but if it is about security of women, India is much safer than some western countries. Pls refer rape rate graph.